Spring Term re-enrolment

Arrangements for Spring Term 2021

The coronavirus continues to affect life across all fields of activity in the UK, and so Philosophy Courses are not possible in their usual format, as they involve meeting and mixing in classes.  From the Summer Term 2020, we moved all classes onto the Zoom video conferencing system, and, as this has proved successful, we intend to continue in this way for the Spring Term 2021. Zoom is free to use and you can see more about Zoom here.  If you have not done so already, you may wish to download Zoom to your PC, Mac, iPad, Kindle, iPhone or Android phone.  The Spring Term is due to start during the week beginning Monday 11th January.


We reduced fees from the Summer Term, and we are continuing to hold the fees at the same level – £50 flat fee for students in Part 2 and all classes up to and including ‘I’ level. As ever, if a student is experiencing difficulty in paying their fees, they should speak to their tutor in the first instance.


It is now possible to re-enrol for classes via Eventbrite.  Payments can be made by Credit/debit card, by PayPal or by cheque.  To re-enrol, please choose one of the links below, according to the group you are to be in. Please follow the link and register even if you want to pay by cheque rather than online.

Parts 2 to 12

‘M’ Level

‘I’ Level